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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


adsense here novels [9/10, 9:14 AM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* AUTHOR:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 1-5* The weather of Maiduguri is very sunny and hot. Attaheerah was on her way back home together with her two friends RukyZannah and RukyDigmari coming along from weekend Islamiyyah(An Islamic school purposely meant for the recitation of the Muslim holy book and other Islamic books). They look very tired and exhausted due to the harsh weather condition.she waved to them saying "Goodbye Dearie's". Upon entering home,she saw a car coming out from their house which indicates that someone has visited them.Just then she saw her favourite cousin "yaseer" beside their main gate. Before she could know,she jumped and hugged him excitedly saying "laa yaya yaseer you just came here with out informing us,meysa?? He was also happy to see her.He cut her off saying "my sisy,I just wanna surprise you guys" Oyah ki sake ni, ke wato har kin girma you even have the guts to hug someone who is not your muharram koh??kin saba yi ma Kenan?? She felt shy holding her two ears saying "laa sorry yaya, not really I was overjoyed seeing you shiyasa fah... "See her,oyah pick up my luggage's let's get in" On their way getting in he jokingly asked her if she has memorised the Glorious Qur'an. She smiled and said "yaya I will be graduating next next month fah,yanxu ma hadda mukeyi.Hope you will be staying long to witness my graduation. He felt surprise saying "Really sister?? Oh yes!! I know my sis will make it.Don't worry I will be staying In sha Allah" Before they could know they were already in.They met Mummy(attaheerah's mum) in the sitting room checking some books.She was happy to see him and at the time surprise. On the other side she told him to never repeat such mistake again."How would you come all along from Abuja without informing anyone.Can't you see the situation of the country??? He cut her off saying " Am sorry Mummy" "Alright yaseer,amma kar ka kara" how is everyone doing over there,hope they are fine?? "Yes mummy suna nan lafiya,suna gaishe Ku ma" "Eyyah,have your seat lemme help you with something cool.I know your all tired. They both thank her and happily sat down. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 6-10* CHARACTERS POINT OF VIEW *ATTAHEERAH* My names are Fatima Yusouf. I was born by MrYusouf & Mrskalthum.We base here in Maiduguri at OLD GRA. My dad is kanuri by tribe from Bama L.G while my mum is a typical Fulani woman from yola state.My dad looks quite handsome,fair in complexion and tall in height.People get to think that my dad is also Fulani due to His fairness not knowing that he resembles his mum who is also a typical Fulani woman.My mum once told me that during those days when my dad was at his young age,people usually address him as Amita bachan.I chuckled and said "Momma I see" My mum also looks very beautiful, she's fair in complexion, tall in height with bold eyes and lengthy hairs. We are family of five together with my two sisters Amina(minal) and Hadiza(ammie). My first sister minal is a graduate of university,now a lecturer, married and bless with twins(afnan and adnan).Ammie is now in 300level studying health education where she stays with minal. Am a girl of 17years schooling at Maiduguri capital school(ss2).I look very much alike with my mum,My school mate usually address me with Sunakshi(Indian film actress). My parents love me the most.I can't replace them with anything in this world. They are my everything. Throughout my life,I was so close to my parent especially my mum.My mum is my superhero.she was just like my friend.To me she's the most beautiful woman I ever saw. I attribute all my success in life to the moral,intellectual and physical education I received from them.My dad is also my hero. Even though he gets busy with his professional work,that doesn't make him to less care and abandon us. My parents are my pride.I always imagine those who lost their parents at younger ages.Ya Rabb how do they feel growing up without parents?? I always pray for my parent to stay long with good health. *YASEER* My name is yaseer Muhammad.Am attaheerah's cousin.I base in Abuja.My mum and hers are step sisters. I lost my parent when I was very young.I grew up together with my step sisters and brothers.My dad is married with four wives and blessed with so many children.Am having a brother(yaya Abubakar) who is a business man married and blessed with a kid.he usually assist me with all of my financial problems.I stayed together with attaheerah's family for a long time before getting admission to higher institution. I did not get time to visit them since then,but here am I today. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ [9/10, 9:14 AM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 11-15* STORY CONTINUES On that very day in the evening,attaheerah was together with yaseer helping her to prepare dinner.They were chopping vegetables,which made them chat together. "Attaheerah na kusa gama skull fah,I will be graduating this very year said yaseer" "Ohh really am so happy for you,Allah ya Baku sa' seriously my yaya is a young graduate" He chukled Saying "see her,yauwa that even reminds me.Which field will you be studying in the university?? "Laaa yaya har ka manta?I will be studying Mass communication In sha Allah" "That's great my dear,gaki da shegen surutu,kuma fa it will fit you" She chuckles and said"Am even wondering how I could get this admission yaya. Nowadays it has even become something very rare.Hmm they just consider giving admission to the children of well-known wealthy people" "Don't worry my sister you would make it In sha Allah.keep praying for the know prayer is the key to every success" "Thanks yaya yaseer,Allah yasa. "Ameen my sister" Laaa yaya its getting late already.It's almost 5pm and we haven't yet even finished Making soup. "Really sister?? Lemme wash up the rice quickly,kafinan kisaka vegetables in" "Am so happy for your future wife,she will be having a chef as husband..bazata sha wahala ba" "Hahaha yeye girl kawai" They finished up everything within an hour.As they were in the sitting room chatting together with mummy.Attaheerah's father made his salam and entered. She went to him and hugged him saying "daddy I miss you" He smiled and said "my auta when will you grow up,you always behave like a kid" Mummy cut him off saying ai kai kayi pampering inta" Yaseer greeted him,he sat down saying "aaah kaikuma yaseer saukan yaushe,zuwa ba notice haka" He smilled and said "Daddy I came some hours ago" "That's nice,hope everyone is doing fine" "Yes daddy,suna gaishe ka" "Masha Allah,daman I was even deciding to find a driver for my auta...Alhmamdulillah since your here. Hope you won't mind driving her to school coz I use to get very busy with my work these days. "No problem daddy,In sha Allah I wil" On the other side,attaheerah was feeling excited jumping up and down,coz she would spend more time with her brother. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 16-20* Attaheerah's POV The next day was Monday. Bayan na idar da subhi prayer na together with Nafl. I quickly stood up and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast coz am used to it.what I love most kenan,to become a perfect chef. During weekends I usually cook for the whole day I.e (breakfast,launch and dinner) but on weekdays I just prepare breakfast before going to school and leave the remaining cooks for laraba(our maid) I prepared milk pap and patatoe casserole. On the other side I felt very happy coz my bro will be driving me to school. I tidy up the entire house and placed the breakfast on the dining table,where I rushed to my room to get dressed. I took my bath and put on my blue and white uniform,dust my face with some little powder,put some khol on my eyes and applied a nude lipstick. By then it was already 7:15am.I took my bag and rushed out to have my breakfast. I met my parents and yaseer already sitted just waiting for me.I greeted them and joined them.yaya yaseer was busy starring at me. I jokingly said "yaya irin kallo haka,lafiya dai?? He laughed saying "you look very ugly today that's why" I frowned my face with out saying a word. He quickly cut in saying"My sisy I was just joking fah.. Ai kanwata is the most beautiful girl on earth. I smiled and said "awwn yaya I feel flattered" Abba laughed saying "kun cika wa mutane kunne da surutu, oyah cindo zanno biri biyo(maintain silent and eat your food) its even getting late already. After finishing up,they all praised me for making such a delicious meal where we drove to school happily with brother yaseer. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend attaheerah_ [9/10, 9:14 AM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 20-25* _After some weeks_ Attaheera was having a rest in the sitting room watching Bollywood series(is pyaar ko kya naam doon). Bata tafi islamiyyah ba coz her stomach aches. Her mom came to her saying my daughter how are you feeling?? "Mummy Alhmdulillah" "Masha Allah,Get well soon" "Thanks mom" Her mom left leaving her alone in the sitting room.She hissed saying "sometimes I hate this so called Arnav,he use to be very arrogant mtwss" Just then yaseer came In saying "ke dai kinshiga uku wallahi,your just wasting your time getting angry on this fictional film. Oyah get dressed let's pay a visit to minal and ammie,its been long I did not get in touch with them. Ammie called me yesterday saying she's very angry with me" She quickly stood up and at the same time saying" awwch my stomach" Her mum came to her saying "sorry dear,na gayamaki ki daina tsalle,I wonder when will you stop behaving like a kid. "Mum am feeling OK fah,ynxu ma xamutafi gidan minal together with brotheryaseer" "Aww Dan xaku fita shine kika zama normal?? Toh for your information your not going anywhere" She started shedding fake tears saying mummy wallahi am feeling better,please now" Yaseer cut her off saying"Mummy we won't stay long In sha Allah" "Its OK then,but please yaseer take care of her,kar ka barta tachi Abu mey zaki" "Alright mum" She hugged her mom and rushed to her room,feeling very excited. ATTAHEERAH I tried to get dressed in one of my Arabian gown using a pink ville and flat Vinci shoe.I applied a light makeup and rushed out. Yaya yaseer keep staring at me saying "wow my sisy looks very beautiful" infct let's take some selfies Ina phone inki?? Mine is running out of battery" "Laa yaya nifa banida waya" "Aww Ashe katuwan bata da waya" "Let's quiclkly take with mine before it runs off" ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 26-30* "Haba my sister yanxu da girman kin nan Baki da waya" said yaseer while he was driving" She smiled and said "yaya am not interested,it will distract my studies and I want to read hard to pass all my exams succesfully especially JAMB Kasan very soon I will be getting to ss3. "Am with you my sister, I like your know most parents yanxu tend to spoil their children da Kansu.Saikiga small children's with phones always chatting,playing games,basu da wani time sai na waya.At last kuma sai kiga their performance in school becomes very low" "Wallahi fah laa yaya your taking a wrong way" "See you,are you thinking that your brother will sell you,inaso mu biya ta sidis,I want to buy some ice creams and chocolates for minal's twins" She chukled and said "aww toh ai ban sani ba" They arrived around 2:30pm..she rushed in saying "my sistoos ina kuke autah is here".They all came out and welcome them happily. she hugged minals twins giving them the stuffs yaseer bought. Some moments later attaheerah cuts them off saying"this my sisters Baku iya tarban visitors ba For Godsake koh ruwa bazaku kawo mana ba?? Ammie jokingly said "did you even inform us your coming?? I think Dan nakira yaseer yesterday shiyasa kuka kama kafa kukazo" Yaseer smilled saying "not really sister,Allah kuna raina..I don't usually get time that's why.In fact Attaheera took me as her driver,I don't even have my own time. Minal added saying "don't worry yaseer, we were just kidding. Zamu San abin da zamuyi mata. Attaheera chukles saying "ya kuka iya dani dole ayiwa auta eheee" They spent almost two hours before coming back home.They arrived home lately coz of the traffic JAM.Mummy was very worried.she tried calling them but was not going through. Mummy deeply exhaled when she saw them. she came to them asking what kept them so long. Yaseer smilled and said mummy traffic Jam neh fah yayi yawa. "Eyyah,har nafara tunani negatively" ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend attaheerah_ *For advice and corrections 07035916742* [9/10, 9:14 AM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 31-35* _Months later_ *ATTAHEERAH'S POV* I woke up lately coz I couldn't sleep early yersternight.I quickly rushed and finished up all the house chores. I felt very worried coz I know I will be late. I rushed out waiting for yaya yaseer.Before he came out I was already sobbing. He yelled at me saying "Dallah rufe wa mutane baki,what's wrong with you this early morning kina was mutane kuka?? I bursted into another tears saying "yaya am late drive fast please I don't want to be punished". He hissed without uttering a word When we arrived the gate was already locked.I sadly went out and join the que. ```Oboy``` our decipline master punished us earnestly. I rushed to my class with full of tears in my eyes. All My classmates where staring at me thinking of what makes me cry.I met our math teacher ```uncle modu sarki``` busy solving quadratic equation. I went to my seat without even greeting him.My friends were eager to know what's wrong with me. I told them I was punished,instead of them to comfort me they bursted into laughter HalimaAk cuts ina saying "waska feroye,Dan punishment in ```Oboy``` kike kuka mtwss yi mana shiru joor" ```Uncle modu``` came to us saying " what's going on here,is this a market square,will maintain silent or I will disown you all from this class What's the big deal Dan an Zane ki,who told you to come late" I was pissed off,I angrily clear up my tears and concentrated on what he was teaching. During break hour,I was together with my friends having our breakfast when suddenly ```Mallam mansur```(our school MSSN patron) came and called me.I stood up and went to him. He started by saying "Fateema,were having a visitor From UMTH,he Is a doctor and also an Islamic scholar..Zai zo yayi muku lecture during MSSN period ki shirya ke xakiyi mana both opening and closing prayer kinji" I addressed ```mallam masur``` telling him that it won't be a problem In sha Allah. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheerah_ *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 36-40* I came and inform my friends daman su baza kunne suna jiran inkawo musu gulma😜 Some few minutes later, All the girls from both s2&3 where gathered in the school hall.we packed ourselves in the first seat waiting him. Later on,A young handsome gentle man came in. Awwn he is damn cute🙈 He is Tall,with coiled hairs,pointed nose and pink lips, ga kuma charisma. His looks exactly like those people in sudan. ```Mallam mansur``` welcome him showing him where to seat. Fateema yosouf can you please step forward and start with some opening prayers?? That was what I heard. My hearts beats a little faster.I gently stood up and collected the mike" My sweet voice is all that could be heard. I recited some few dua's and suratul Muhammad ending it up with "sadaqallahul azeem" ```Mallam mansur``` stood up saying "at takbeer" My colleagues cut him off saying "Allahu Akbar" ```Mallam mansur``` asked the visitor to step forward and convey the message he came along with. He majestically stood up holding the mike saying.. "In the of Allah the most gracious most merciful.praise be to Allah the cherisher and the sustainer of the world.He alone we worship and he alone we seek for Aid.Good day to you all my fellow sisters. Actually my Name is Mustapha zannah.I base here in Maiduguri ,a graduate of university of Khartoum, Sudan. I did my first degree and masters in medicine where alhamdulillah am now a doctor in university of Maiduguri teaching hospital. My parents try their possible best to see that I have acquire both western and Islamic knowledge. Without the help of my parent I could have been nothing. I owe them nothing other than prayers.May Almighty Allah reward them with jannaltul fiddaus.Allahumma ameen. The topic am here to discuss with you is about the importance of Girl child Education. What does this word education means?? Education is the process of acquiring or lemme say impacting knowledge. Knowledge in the sense that both religious and Western. Even though during jahiliyyah period,the birth of female child is neglected but alhamdulillah due to the arrival of Islamic shariah a female child is seen as the most precious being.Some tradition especially kanuri tribe sees a female child education as nuisance. In most cases sai kuga a girl in that very family will grow up,have a little knowledge and then married up which is very very wrong. Islam is never against western education,though we did not have western education in the past,but when you go down to the history you'll discover that women are very vast in engineering, medicine e.t.c Secondly,Girls education is necessary why because our home life would be brighten, where the upbringing of our children would be awesome.Education gives a woman freedom of broadens her out looks and makes her aware of her duties and responsibilites.many people say that girls should not go for degrees,they are wrong because girls have already proved their worth in all walks if life.Their is no reason why girls should not get the same kind as men,but you should not neglect your duties at home. Let's trace the motto of your school which states "seek for knowledge as far as China".This strictly implies that All humans are entitle to have vast knowledge. The knowledge here means beneficial knowledge. Lastly,Aishah Bint Abu bkr,the youngest wife if the prophet (pbuh) was very talented.she is credited in narrating more than 2000 hadith.she had a great love for learning and became known for her intelligence. The example of Aisha in promoting education particularly for women in the laws and teachings of islam,is a hallmark in female education in islam. I have to stop here coz time won't permit me talk more on what I have on ground.My dear sisters I hope with this little I said you will all join hands and brighten up our lives for better future.MA"ASSALAM. Our patron stood up saying "at takbeer" The large crowd cut him off saying" Allahu akbar" Masha Allah Shiek Mustapha we are very grateful, am hoping that each and everystudent here have pick up what you have just said. I made a closing prayer and that was how the lecture ends where everyone is admiring him. I came home feeling very excited ,I met mummy in the sitting room.I fell on her lap saying "mummy today's class was very interesting" "Really auta" Yes mummy "wani yaxo yayi mana lecture on importance of education,mummy ni kam in sha Allah xanyi karatu sosai and become something very important in life. "That's my girl, Ina miki fatan alheri" " Thanks mummy nah" *Mustapha's POV* Alhamdulilah ya rabb, I have found what am dreaming of,your mine bi 'iznillah Dr babashehu(my friend) came in talking to me but I couldn't even notice his entrance talkless of hearing what he was saying. He came close to my and shouted on my ears saying my friend are you really OK? I smiled saying mey kagani?? am very ok "Hmm tunn sayi uh na'alla nyiro manakin d3,bt u couldn't even notice me,your mind is elsewhere. I smilled again saying "aboki at long last I have found her,wallahi I love her...sai yau believing cewa akwai "first love at first sight" He felt very surprise saying "Ah lallai.... Am very happy for you,at least your life would kind of change ynxu kam..... ------------------------------------------------------- _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ [9/10, 9:14 AM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 41-45* "Hmm Babashehu ban taba Samanin I will fall inlove again ba.I lost zahrah but I can't manage to loose fateema. Advice me please what should I do?? "That wont be a big deal aboki .Where did you meet,havnt she tell you where she resides?? I guess kawai meet her up a gidansu ko ya kagani?? "I don't think she knew me fah,infct she didn't even notice that I love her.I just saw her today in her school when I attended the invitation of MCS." "Huhh you know what? You should meet her school patron since kunsan juna.I guess he would know little about her,then we can meet her a gidansu Kasan hausawa sunce ```abari ya huce shi me kawo da Rabon wani``` "Oh yes thanks aboki,living without you is a great loss..godengina" "Hahaha my friend kenan is this really you?? Yau Kaine kake magana akan wata apart from your mom and your sisters?? "Huhh alhamdulilah,my friend is getting to change Ermm Daman Dr hamza said I should collect the file he gave you day before yesterday, he want to use it. "Aww I totally forgot wallahi,please help me take it, its inside the shelve..the white one.please tell him am very sorry for delaying it" "No worries aboki,Bye sai mun hadu tomorrow" "Alright my regardz to Aishah(his wife) "OK In sha Allah" I stood up feeling more comfortable, I picked up my system and some stuffs that I am in need of,where I drove home happily. On reaching home I met umma(my mom) in the sitting room resting. I hugged her saying my sweet mummy good evening. She rolled her eyes feeling very surprise. "My boy welcome,how have you been" "Am fine mummy umma am feeling starved where is my meal?? "My boy is this really you,rabon da in ganka kana farinciki its been long.what's the secret behind??Tell me please "Umma feed me first,am very hungry. "Ok my boy come over here your food is already in the dining. I sat beside her happily.After am done,my mom cut me off saying my boy am eager to hear this good news oyah now tell me. "Umma you know what? Yau naganta amma I love her sosai.Everything of her is beautiful,her voice is so sweet,her eyes looks like crystal,umma I might go crazy if i loose her,she has taken away my heart." "Hey my boy come to your senses joor,sai xuba kake kaman kanya,I dint get you,who is this person your talking about. "Umma she's fateema.. _________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 46-50* "Awwn my boy is in love,Alhamdulilah am the most happiest woman on earth today.Oh fateema shukriyya,am very grateful for coming into my boys life" "Don't worry my boy in sha Allah fateema is yours kaji,karkaji komai...I will keep praying for you.kaima ka dage da addua kaji.. "In sha Allah umma,I love you so much. Umma where are these girls,none of them welcome me today. "They are out there in the garden playing basket ball" "I stood up saying today is one of my happiest day lemme take them out for shopping" *YASEER* I felt as if something is missing within me.My sister is angry with me for two days?? Oh no gaskiya hakurina yakare.I miss her so much.Bari inje my shirya kawai... I made my way to her room.I made my salam entered.I met her memorizing the glorious qur'an.I sat beside listening to her melodious voice.she completed the ayah without uttering a word nasan kuma ta ganni.... "Haba my precious sister,duk Fushin nan na mey neh,haven't you miss me?? "She started sobbing saying;yaya you yelled at me the other day,I was beaten up mercilessly a skull Dan nayi latti,koh ka ban hakuri...don't talk to me,ni nayi maka fushi,nasan you don't love me anymore. I smiled and faced her saying "am so so sorry my sister, I didn't mean to hurt you kinji,I love you sosai mana.Actually bansan ma anyi miki punishment ba.kiyi hakuri kinji..hope my apology is accepted. "She smiled saying, umm shikenan toh..amma xamu fita musha ice cream koh. "Alright dear,your wish is my command.. Dress up quickly inajiranki Outside" Some few minutes later,she came out looking glamorous. I felt something deep in my heart but couldn't actually trace what it means" "Yaya what are you staring here since fah. "Sorry dear mutafi,I was thinking of how I will miss you,kisan next week xantafi. "Oh no yaya,I will miss you too,amma after graduation inmu koh" "Yes dear,ai dole in jira inji sweet voice in sister nah" ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend attaheerah_ [9/12, 6:23 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 51-55* They made their way to oasis bakery and bought some icecreams,choculates,snacks and some other stuffs.As they were about to get in to the car,someone came towards them and patted yaseer saying "hey man since Ina maka magana but you were carried away" "Huhh,wallahi ban lura da kai ba, longest time my friend,you dey for this town?? "Wallahi I dey oo" "How have you been?? "Am fine fah,since then bamukara haduwa ba,ya bayan rabuwa" "Alhamdulillah sai alheri" "Kaga am in haste lemme have your contact,expect my call. "Alright Is this your sister" "Yes fah" "Wow masha Allah,extend my regards to her,sai munzo biko" "Mtwss😡,kaide haryanxu your stick to this your habbit koh" "Hahah is it a crime Dan sis inka taxama wife ina ,am very serious fah" Yaseer hissed again saying " Abbaye Naga like your trying to waste my time,Bye till we meet again" He entered the car looking very annoyed "Yaya what's wrong with you attaheerah said with a little concern" He made a fake smile saying "my sister am feeling tired" "Eyyah my yaya its all my fault,am sorry" "Not really dear... "Yaya this your friend looks very scary,haskenshi is too much.I couldn't resist looking at him,Shiyasa nayi Sauri nashiga mota.Amma he is albino koh?? "Kai my sis your kinda funny,shuwa neh fah;he is my friend when we are secondary school. Since then bamu kara haduwa ba sai yau Allah ya hada mu. "Aww eyyah" ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet friend Attaheera_ *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 55-60* MUSTAPHA I laid my head on my the desk thinking of my fatee,coz thinking of her has become part of my daily activities. Just then I heard a sound of knock in my door.I stood up and went to the door opening it. It was Ustaz Bakura, who was my mentor in Islamiya I welcome him saying.... "Marhaban ustaz come in" "Dr Musty ka manta da mu,longest time?? "Not really ustaz,wallahi kana raina,Am getting very busy shiyasa kajini shuru this days" "Eyyah,yanayin aikin ku daman akwai wahala. Here is an invitation card,some of my students zasuyi sauka this coming Saturday..I would be glad if you could attend,I hope xakasamu time?? "In sha Allah ustaz,sai ka ganni" "Alright I will take my leave,Extend my regards to your dad" "In sha Allah" Some few minutes later,babashehu came in,he patted me saying "my friend lafiyanka?? "Am very worried,I didn't have a peace of mind feeling as if I will loose fatee" "Abokina why the hurry,next week patron in school insu xai dawo daga tafiyan,in yazo ba sai mu kara tafiya ba" "Stop worrying your self please,in sha Allah fatee will be yours, kadaina damuwa please" "Alright my friend,thanks" ATTAHEERAH I made my self busy memorizing the holy Qur'an and at the same time thinking of how tommorows occasion will be.After finishing up I stood up and arranged my clothes and some other things that I will need them tomorrow.I heard the sound of adhan calling for isha prayer.I then made my prayers and slept off. _Saturday morning_ My alarm rang around 5:00am,I made my prayers and finish up all the house chores.I ate my break fast together with my parent .After am through I made my way out informing my mom hugged me saying "Best of luck my dear,Allah hokku'en sa'a,till mun iso anjima" "Ameen momma,Bye till kun iso" I met my friends waiting for me outside.we trecked to the school coz is not that far. On reaching their, we made all the possible arrangements and find a place to sit. Some hours later,my family arrived together with my sisters. I happily welcomed them showing them where they would they would sit. After some minutes our school was full of crowd including some welknown Islamic scholars. Some few presentation was made before we could be called. My friends where called one after the other,I was the last person to be heart beats faster when I heard my name. I made an eye contact with yaya yaseer,he smiled telling to have confidence.I gently stood up and face the ulamas. I was asked a lot of questions before I started the recitation.I did both successfully without making any mistake. I couldn't hold up my tears,which made me bursted out loudly. All what I could be heard from the crowd is "Masha Allah" MUSTAPHA I couldn't control my self when I saw friend noticed what I was going through.He patted me saying "what's wrong with you naga duk ka chanza" "Babashehu its her" "What are you talking about,I didn't get you" "I mean it fateema,gata chan please help me out,what should I do" "You mean this is girl you have been talking about?? "Yes my friend,muje mu sameta please" "Calm down tukunnan,kabari in taron ya kare sai mu sa me ta kaji koh. I smilled saying"Alright aboki" ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my sweet dost attaheera_ [9/12, 6:23 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 61-65* Some hours later,Dr Mustapha was called to make a closing remark.he gently stood up and uttered it with that his charming voice. Attaheera was one of the best students. She was given and award by Honourable Jidda shuwa.She felt very excited coz bata taba tsamani ba. Pictures of remembrance were snapped, and later on they drove home happily with her family. Mustapha's POV My friend,I think meeting her up here xaiyxama kaman rashin kunya,coz she's with her family.Why not we should meet up ustaz Bakura,I guess shima he would get to know something about her.ko ya kagani?? "Yes,hakan ma yafi" I keep staring on my fatees face admiring her,har suka tafi. Some moments later after taron ya wa'aste,we made our way to ustaz bakuras office. "Laa musty daman Baku tafi ba. "Yes ustaz,we waited for you, said babashehu" "Aaah hope am safe" I smiled saying... "yes ustaz,Ermm daman its about fateema.I mean the girl who was given an award...Am interested in her,Ina nufin you should please help me out..I want to know where she resides. "Masha Allah,you mean fateema yusouf? "Yes ustaz" "Don't bother yourself musty,I knew her dad sosai,I use to lead them prayers a unguwansu...the best thing is,lemme seek permission for you first, from her dad kafin kasameta..shi xai fi" "Alright ustaz,amma bazai xama matsala bako?? "In sha Allah; I will call you for the feedback kaji "Toh shikenan thank you very much,bari mutafi" "Alright,extend my regards to your parents" Attaheerah's POV _late at night_ I tried to off my bedside lamp when I suddenly heard a knock in my door.l lazily stood up saying "huhh waye kuma" It was yaya yaseer.I felt surprise seeing him by this time. He smiled saying "sorry for the disturbance my sister" " no problem yaya" He then sat down on a stool giving me a small polythene bag. I smiled saying " yaya what for?? "Its a gift for your success" "Awwn yayana your too much wlhy,thank you very much" "What are brother's meant for,never mind my sister" Just then he picked up my ring which I kept it beside my mirrow saying "wow my sister,ring inkin nan looks so beautiful, would you mind giving it to me?? "Why not my bro,kadauka" "Thanks so much,I really appreciate" Umm kar in cika ki da surutu,I know your feeling sleepy,bari in barki kiyi bacci "Alright bro,fajarrah" Yaseer I laid on my bed thinking of my sister,I couldn't take her off my mind.I now noticed that I love you. Yes!!Ina sonki sosai.Gashi am going back home tomorrow, I will miss you...... Please my Attaheerah,don't let anyone come into your life.I can ruin that persons life.your mine alone kinji.... That was how I keep on thinking of her har bacci barawo ya sace in.. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my dearest friend attaheerah_ *Huhhh,* *over* *to* *you* *readers,* *who* *do* *you* *think* *deserves* *ATTAHEERAH.* *Yaseer* *or* *musty??* *Don't be a ghost reader please,waiting for your thoughts.I love you all*❤❤❤ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 66-70* Attaheerah was taking her breakfast with her parent,she was expecting yaseer to come over but shiru har suka gama. She couldn't endure it anymore,she then tried asking her parents where yaya yaseer was.Her mom felt astonished,saying "bai fadamiki xai koma bane?? He left early in the morning" She felt unhappy saying "mummy bai fada min ba" Hmm so shine he came to me last night amma dukda haka yaki yafada min. she sadly took her bag and went out for school with her dad. Yaseer arrived home late at night,he felt unhappy coz bai fada wa sister shi xaitafi ba.He kept thinking of her all the night. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Ustaz Bakura was sitted in the guest room waiting for Alhaji yusouf(Attaheera's dad). Just then alhaji yusouf came in.After they exchange greetings,Alhaji yusouf cut him off saying... "Ustaz lafiya dai,hope am safe" "Hahah,don't worry Alhaji nazo da abin alheri ne.Daman,one of my ex student sees your daughter during the Qur'anic graduation,he is interested with I came here to seek permission for him,in har ka yadda,zai fara xuwa nemanta" "Hmm,masha Allah...who is he,and where does he stays?? "Alhaji you might know his dad,Alhaji zannah the COE of caltex paint" "Laa,Masha Allah,ai zannah abokina ne,in sha Allah it won't be a problem just tell him to meet me this coming weekend,on Sunday" "Alright alhaji,thank you very much." "Its my pleasure" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _Sunday,2:20pm_ MUSTAPHA "Momma,where are you? "My son,mey ya faru?? "Mummy just come along with me,kixo kixaba min clothe inda xan saka.Don't you want me look so charming infront of my inlaw? "This boy,baka da kunya...oyah mutafi" I came out looking perfect.I branched and took babashehu..we then drove to where my fatiee and her parent reside. On reaching there,I made honk..the gate man quickly came out.We made our way out and greeted him telling him that he should inform alhaji our presence. After some mins He came over informing us to get in. some few minutes later alhaji came in.we quickly stood up and greeted him. He told us to have our seats with a smile on his face. "Who among you is my in law?? I couldn't reply him coz I felt shy.Babashehu smiled telling him that am the one. "Masha Allah Ustaz Bakura has informed me little about you.your father is one of my good friend.Don't worry in Allah yayi my daughter will be yours,no one has the right to interrupt. She will be yours by Gods will amma I didn't permit you to meet her yanxu har sai ta gama secoundry school inta.likewise before then nagama duk bincikena a kanka" I felt very excited,thanking him.just then her mum came in with some stuffs for refreshment.We greeted her,where she answered with a smile on her face too. Some moments later,we thank alhaji again and made our way out. * * "Hajiya kalthum,Hajiya kalthum where are you shouted alhaji. "Alhaji here am I,lafiya dai" "Let's have a seat first said alhaji Its about this boys that just left,xaki xama granny soon..coz dayan is your in law" Hajiya kalthum felt surprise asking him to fully explain what he means. "The one with blue shirt came to seek permission from me wai yanason attaheerah da aure" "Awwn really alhaji,shiyasa the moment I saw him ya kwanta min a rai,but alhaji wani hanzari ba gudu ba.Do you really know him,I mean his background and everything" Alhaji tried explaining everything to her including ustaz bakuras visit. She smiled saying "alhaji the decision you took is right,Allah ya tabbatar da alheri" "Ameen ameen,but mind you... I did not permit you to tell auta by noe.. it should be between two of us" "Insha Allah alhaji" In fact..shi ndan(where is she)?? I sent her together with mallam audu(attaheerah's new driver) to hamada plaza" "OK,xan Dan fita scrolling" "Alright take care" ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my Bea ATTAHEERAH_ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 71-75* Attaherah's POV Things became very difficult for me coz I will be writing my JAMB exams on sartuday,so also my sister Ammy would be getting married that very day. The house became so noisy that I couldn't even resist staying in my room.I packed to yaya yaseers room together with all my stuffs. I was deep in checking "jamb syllabus" When suddenly I heard umma calling me.I quickly went out and saw her beside the door. "Yaseer wants to talk to you said umma" "I quickly collected the phone and rushed to my room feeling excited Hello yaya yaseer are you there?? "Yes my sister,longest time,how have you been" I started shedding fake tears saying "yaya ai nayi maka fushi,nasan yanxu kamanta dani and you don't like me anymore" "Huhh,stop crying my sister,nasan ban kyauta ba,you know your my best sister taya xan manta dake" "Toh yaya for whole this days why did you abandon me?? "Am so sorry dear,after school resumption,I was very busy..aiyuka sunmin yawa gashi final exams inmu yazo yahadu,shiyasa fah...amma wallahi your always in my mind,believe me" "Alright yaya,I trust you" "Thanks for understanding me..daman I called to tell you that I will be going for my NYSC on Saturday.I have been posted to zaria. In sha Allah I would be coming to maid immediately when am through" "Awwn my yaya I can wait to see you,Nima fah I will be writing my JAMB exams that very Saturday help me with dua" "Really dear,In sha Allah you will have the best grade read hard kinji" "Alright dear" "My sister,kinsan mey? One of yaya abubakars friend yayi promising Ina job when he sees my result.Its even in UBA bank kuma Maiduguri branch.Just help me with dua too" "Wow,alhamdulillah...In sha Allah yaya xakasamu don't bother yourself,kaji" "Alright sister,now tell many boyfriend are you having?? I laugh saying "kai yaya,nawa nake da har xanfara Tara samari...rufa min asiri pls" "Heheh,ohh eh sister is still yarinya karama. Just face your studies,kinji dear... "Alright yayana,thank you" "Bari in barki kiyi karatunki...extend my regards to your sisters and Abba" "In sha Allah yaya,goodbye" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Ammy's wedding was done successfully har an kaita matrimonial home inta where she stays in Kaduna. So also my jamb result was out,I got 230points.It was sent that very day coz daman within 24 hours za'ayi sending.It was sent to my moms line.I felt so excited,I thank Allah s.w.t several time for blessing me with such success. I tried calling yaya yaseer to inform him amma his line wasn't going.I felt disturbed a little bit amma da natuna xaidawo maid,I felt OK... ________________________________________ _Dedicated to kawaliyyah attaheera_ *Am just lazy today😌,enjoy reading the little I have.I love you all* [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author: RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 75-80* Attaheerah's POV Some few months passed.Am now done with all my exams, just waiting for my results. I was in my room watching a makeup tutorial when I heard a knock in my door.I stood up and make the door accessible,it was Abba..I smiled saying.. "Abba nda rubdo(Good evening)" "How are you doing auta" "Am fine Abba" "Masha Allah,have this...its a phone for you, kifara amfani dashi atleast xai dan debe miki kewa" I was overjoyed I couldn't even talk,I just hugged him feeling so excited" "Abba thank you so much,am very grateful.Allah ya buda" "Amin my auta never mind,in banyi miki ba waye xanyi wa" Ermm,At least you should also learn to drive by now,munyi magana da mallam audu xaifara koya mini by tommorow OK" "Alright abba,thank you" I rushed to my mum showing her my dads gift.she smiled saying.. "Masha Allah,Allah ya buda" "Amin mum.. Mummy help me with yaya yaseer's line,I will call him immediately when I fixed it" "Hmm yaseer fah I didn't hear from him for a while..I don't think kuma line inshi is not going through.amma dai copy it from my phone maybe in kin kira xai shiga" "Alright mom,thanks" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° After magrib prayer I updated all the contacts am having on ground.I first tried calling yaya yaseer but wasn't going through,I felt disapponted. I then tried calling my friends one after the other so also my sisters. The next day my two friends (RukyZ and RukyD),paid me a visit.we had fun for almost three hours. They made me to update some chats.I just activated whatsapp,twitter and IMO. Later on,da suka tashi tafiya.I escorted them har layinsu. On my way coming back home,wani yaro Yana ta bina saying "yanmatah saya mana please" I kept mute without uttering a single word.when he came so close to me he keep on saying "haba mana baby, ba girman ki bane,please give me just two minutes I have something important to discuss with you" I still refuse to answer him,ina ta tafiya na. "I have been seeing you in this area for a while,I always wonder how I would get to talk to you,alhamdulillah gashi yau Allah ya hada mu.. Dan haushi I don't even know what to tell him.what came to my mind is "in na mishi magana ma na kara shi..lemme just keep quite" "He keeps on following me like zombie saying he loves me,in har na yadda by tommorow zai tura parent inshi.... blah blah blah, har muka iso gate in gidan mu" I just gave him a horrible look and went in. Samarin unguwan mu bursted into laughter saying "daman ina kai ina yar Girman kan nan" Musty's POV "Fatee nah kullum kara kyau kike.I can take it anymore.Anya Abba ba mantuwa yayi ba.lemme remind him" I stood up and went to to daddy's sitting room.He was busy with his news paper.I greeted him and sat beside him. "My boy,lafiya dai?? "Abba daman..... Ermmm...its about the girl.since Abba ta gama school,why not you should remind her dad" He smiled saying.. "My boy don't worry,I called him yersterday..daman gobe I will meet him to discuss on all the possible arrangements,I will talk to you tommorow. "Alright dad,thank you" I felt as if am the most happiest man on earth.I quickly stood up rushed to my umma. I heard my dad saying "Alhamdulillah.At long last I will be expecting my Inlaw.ya Allah grant me long life to also Witness the birth of my grand child "Ameen" I fell on umma's lap feeling so excited. "Oyah sauka a jikina katon banza kawai" I chuckled saying umma kitayani farinciki mana,Gobe abba xaitafi yayi seeking fatees hand in marriage for me" "Wow,masha happy for you my boy" "thanks mummynah..Aysha! Maryam! Kutashi Ku shirya mufita shan icecream" "Yehuuu,thanks bro" They rushed to their room feeling excited. some minutes later,we made our way out to dOwN ToWn. ________________________________________ _Dedicated to attaheerah_ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter:81-85* _The next day_ "laa alhaji marhaban har ka iso? Your welcome"said attaheerah's dad. Musty's dad Smiled saying "ai dole inxo dawuri... Kaga yadda musty ya matsamin kuwa" "Hahah lallai kam" Longest time alhaji yusouf" "wallahi fah, ya harkoki" "Alhamdulilahi" Hajiya! Hajiya! "na'am alhaji" "come along with something cool for alhaji" "Alright" "yauwa Alhaji, how can we make it, I mean the date and everything" said alhaji zanna" "Actually yadda mukayi planning with her mom is, it should be in 4months time, kaga before then both of us will be prepared and suma yaran they will get to understand each other sosai" "yeah alhaji your right, May almighty Allah see us through" "Ameen summa ameen" Just then, attaheerah made her salam and entered . she greeted alhaji yusouf and kept the stuffs she came along with. He Smiled saying "masha Allah yar mu ta girma" She felt shy and quickly left. They almost chatted for an hour kuma almost dukka hiransun akan how the marriage will be. Later on,Alhaji zannah stood up saying "alhaji lemme rush home, inada appointment with one of my business patner" "alright extend my regards to your iyali" * * * Hajiya kalthum, kinji abinda mukayi discussing koh.. "yes alhaji decision inda kuka dauka is ok Allah ya tabbatar da alheri" "ameen ameen, kuma still don't let her know, I will tell her myself ok" "In sha Allah" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Attaheerah's POV I made my self busy learning how to drive together with my Friends. I came home feeling so tired and exausted gashi kuma its already magrib. I made my way straight to the fridge and grasp the cup of banana smothie that i made earlier in the morning.I drank it until I was satisfied. I then rushed to my room and took some shower and prayed. I on my system and concentrated in watching a bollywood series "yeh hai mohabbatien" Just then my mummy made a knock in the door telling me to come out for dinner. I took my scarf and went out meeting my parent in the sitting room. After greeting them, I Smiled saying... "mom yau kuma bazamuci a dinning bane" "your dad prefers here, xauna mu chi kawai" Later on after we are done nattattara all what we used and took it to the kitchen. As i was on my way to my room. I heard abba's voice telling me to come over to were he is. I gently went and sat beside him saying "abba gani" Yauwa fateema bude kunnuwanki ki saurareni sosai. My heart beats a little thinking of lallai its something serious since abba yakirani ma da full name ina. He cut off my thoughts saying "autana i made up my mind to marry you off!!! I quickly stood up with tears rolling across my check saying "abba aure kuma" in a loud voice... _______________________________ *huhh, masu karatu how do feel attaheerah's reaction* [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter 85-90* "yes dear,get sitted and calm down tukunnan Am your dad i can't do abinda zai cuceki.Mustapha is a gentleman. He is a son to my friend "nayaba da halinsa" and i know xairike ki amana. You will get to know more about him, in yaxo gobe. In sha Allah you will like him and am feeling it, your marriage will be a blessing. Stop crying "every parent happiness is to see that dukka children insu sun samu matrimonial homes might be thinking koh karatunki zai tsaya koh? Not at all, xaki chi gaba da karatunki a gidan mijinki kinji" I couldn't utter a single word. I just kept mute and continued crying bitterly. "My auta talk, koh you want me to also cry?? I quickly raised my brows shaking my head. "then talk to me" Abba what you decide upon me is the best, Allah ya xaba mana mafi alheri. He smiled and hugged me saying"Ameen my auta, nasan baxaki kunyatani ba. He wiped away my tears telling me to smile. I made a fake smile and laid on his lap. After some minutes of silence, abba stood up and went for isha prayer. I held my mom tighly and bursted into another tears. "Auta kinaso ki tada mana hankali koh. You just promised your dad xakiyi cheering up and kuma kina kuka again" I was married to your father at the age of 14.I left my parents since from yola and came here duk da haka am always grateful and never regretted marrying your dad.secoundry school ma a gidan dad inki na karasa. Kefa your now getting to 18years,kingama secoundry school,and you will be staying with your parents a gari daya,what's there.Just pray for the best. Koh kinaso muma mushiga tashin hankali neh? "No mummy,am sorry" "Then kishiga kiyi sallah and sleep..just take it as nothing kinji" "Alright mummy" I lazily stood up and went to my room.I made my abulution an prayed. I then laid on my bed feeling dizzy.Suddenly,I heard my phone ringing.I was even thinking maybe its one of my friend.But it was a new line. I made my salam and answered.after some moment of silence I was even trying to hang up the call when I heard a cool voice saying "Wa'alaikum salam Fateema, how are you? I exhaled a deep breath saying"am fine" "Am sorry for disturbing you,its your hubby Mustapha,just call to hear your voice. Fateema its like your not happy with my call,kiyi hakuri kinji.Expect my visit tommorow...Good night,take care of your self for me. "Before I could say a word he hanged up the call" "Who might be this with confidence haka,wai its your hubby mtwss. I made my sleeping du'a and laid thinking of tommorows contact with this man.Before I could know bacci barawo ya sace ni. Musty's POV Awwn her voice is so sweet. Can wait to see you tomorrow my princess. I love you so much. _The next day_ Attaheerah's POV I woke up with headache today. After subhi prayer. I brushed my teeth and went out. I met iya laraba arranging breakfast on the dining. I greeted her and sat down in one of the chairs. I took some tea and went to my moms room. I met her reading "fotress of the muslim". I greeted her and asked her to give me some asprin. "Auta bakida lfy neh" "No mummy am just feeling a little headache" "Auta don't tell me you haven't sleep yersterday" "Not really mom" "ok have it, hope kinchi wani abu" "yes mummy, nasha tea" "Alright, kisha and have some rest" "Alright mummy " I returned back to my room and slept for almost three hours.I later on woke up an took my Bath.I put up one of my gowns without applying any makeup. I met my mom in the sitting room. I sat beside her saying... " umma sannu da hutawa" She Smiled saying "yauwa dear, how are you feeling" " mummy alhamdulilah" "Toh kije kici wani abu" "No mummy nayi Loosing appetite ina, zanchi anjima" Mom, daddy har ya fita ne? "yeah tun dazu fah" Just then mallam audu came in and cut us off saying "Hajiya some one just came telling me to inform fateemah his presence. I started sweating and at the same time my heart beats, waiting for my moms response. She Smiled saying " ok mallam audu, ka kaishi guest room tell him yanxu xata iso... ____________________________________ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter:91-95* "Auta kitashi and quickly meet him, kuma you should go along with something for refreshment kinji" said my mom. I started sobbing saying "mommy please now,wallahi I can't" "Attaheerah, I didn't permit you to utter a single word,just do as I say" Before I could know,mummyna tashiga room inta.I sadly stood up and went to my room to put on my hijab.I then went to the kitchen and pick up two sachet water saying... "Mtwws toh bazaka sha juice in ba,ruwannan ma ya ishe ka"😏 I wasted almost 30minutes before I finally made up my mind and headed to the guest room saying.. "Assalamu alaikum in a low tune.To my surprise Ashe ma yajini. I dumped the water beside his legs and sat down on one of the cushions.Both of us munxauna for 5minutes without saying anything.I just felt guilty inaji kaman he is staring on my face. Just then,I heard that meledious voice of him saying "Good day missfateema,how are you" I instantly replied him saying "Am fine" "Fatee,my face looks that scary neh,da bazaki iya koda kallona ba.please just for some seconds, at least ki kalleni and know the person your together with. I just raised my brows without saying a word.His face is kinda familiar.Gosshh aina ma nasanshi" "Thank you.. I guess you might be familiar with my face coz na hadu dake on two occasions.koh bakiganeni ba?? "Banyi magana ba,kawai na girgiza mishi kaina" "Alright,ni ne Wanda natabayi muku lecture a school inku,then I think you were in ss2 so also ranan qur'anic graduation inku.... "I quickly raised my head feeling astonished, daman shi ne" Fatee I guess kinsan little about me.Am the first child of our family,sai two sisters Ina maryam and Aysha.Maryam is your mate while Aysha is getting to 10years now. I fell in love with you the very first time i saw you a school inku.I never thought zan sake son wata ya mace apart from my mom and sisters.Your just a blessing coz my contact with you changed me completely. I can hide it to you..I ones fell in love with a girl named .she betrayed me to the core. A sanadiyanta har na kamu da Ciwon xuciya.That made me hate all the girls thinking that "dukkansu sun taru sunzama daya" He lowers his tune saying "fatee hope xaki rikeni Amana" I just kept staring at him without responding. He continued: xan iya cewa Zahrah was just like sa'ata coz she is my classmate then.Munso juna kamar ba wanda bai sanmu ba.Collegues inmu ma usually address us with "Romeo and Juliet" After our graduation from university we cried as if bazamu sake hadu ba.we promised each other that bazamu ci amanan juna ba.our relationship was the best then.Haka har xuwa time inmu na NYSC.we felt bad coz we were posted to different states.All our thought xa'ai posting inmu a the same place but reverse was the case.Ba yadda muka iya haka muka tafi. So few weeks mu koma gida,she started acting strange.Ta daina receiving call Ina,Infact I couldn't even get her anymore. I took petience,thinking that maybe something went wrong with her line. That very week,I couldn't concencentrate on any activities all I could think is to get rid of this so called place and return back to my hometown. On Sunday,I woke up feeling very excited coz I will be meeting my family and zahrah.I came home late so I decided to meet her tommorow. The next day I went to her around 9:30 in the morning telling their gate man to inform her My presence.Some moments later she came along looking very beautiful. I kept smiling amma ta hada rai.Ko sallama babu tazo ta sayaa a kaina.I smiled again saying... "Haba zahrah,mey nayi miki haka to deserve this punishment,please tell me so that I can quickly apologise" She yelled at me"Hey you Mr Man..yimin nt interested in listening to this rubbish.Mustapha sincerely speaking am not interested in you anymore,na daina sonka.I can't waste my time sticking to someone who doesn't even have abinda zai rike kanshi talkless of building a family. Don't think koh Nazo Dan mu sasanta or something like that.I just came here to inform you that this very coming Saturday is my wedding.have this, its an invitation card.I will be glad in xaka xo. I just look like zombie,coz ni nadauka ma I was dreaming.She cut off my thought saying.. "MA'ASLAM" In short fatee,bansan ya nayi naxo gida ba..I just collapsed when I reached home.I stayed for almost 3weeks a asibiti without my conscious.Kuma a sanadiyanta na kamu da Ciwon xuciya. "Please attaheerah,even though bazaki soni ba..try marrying me,I promise you I will make you the most happiest woman ever. I just saw him with tears flowing on his cheeks.Jikina yayi sanyi,bansan lokacin da Nazo beside him ba. "Yaya Mustapha please clean up your tears.In Allah yayi am your wife ba Wanda ya Isa ya hana.I can't say I love you for now,I can only say "Allah ya xaba Mana mafi alheri... ________________________________________ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter:95-100* Since tafiyanshi I look pale..I accommodate my self in one of the cushions when suddenly umma came an sat beside me saying... "Auta na any problem,what's wrong? "Mummy nima bansan mey yake damuna ba,duk jikina a mace yake." "Don't worry dear,ki dauki komai very simple..In sha Allah everything will be normal" "Alright momma,thank you" I stood up saying,"Mummy what would i cook for dinner.Yau iya laraba ta huta. She smiled saying "kice yau xamuci girki mey dadi,just cook burabiscco with karasu" "Hahah,mummyna kenan...Alright! Lemme make it swiftly" I headed to the kitchen and engaged my self in cooking coz I want to get rid of tunanin Mutuminnan. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _Mustapha_ My contact with her made me remember my past life,Na yini looking somehow.On the other side when I think of her(Attaheerah) I feel relieved. Around 9:00pm,i made up my mind to call her. "Assalamu alaikum,is what I heard with her sweet voice" "Wa'alaikum salam,how have you been my queen" "Alhamdulillah,and you? "Am not myself since when I left you,I kept thinking of you" "hmm Sorry" "Is that all you can say...please fatee Kisake jikinki dani kinji" Your voice is so low mey ke damunki please" "Bakomai,is just that am of little bit feeling sleepy" "Gosh,shine nake damunki...sorry for the disturbance,bari in barki kiyi bacci. Good night,take care of yourself for me OK" I hanged the call feeling relieved.I took my medicines and went out to meet my mom in the sitting room. "Umma bakiyi bacci ba" "Yes fah my boy,hope kasha medicines inka" "Eh umma,yanxu nagama sha" Umma then jokingly said "Nifa nafara kishin daughter in law have been avoiding me this days" I hugged her saying "Haba my sweet isa" "Toh nidai tell her ta daina spending much time with my boy" "Hahah mummyna kenan Yauwa umma when will dad be coming" "Next week in sha Allah" "Har next week mummy,gskiya nifa am missing him" "See you,ni nafara jin bacci ma oyah tashi and get in to your room.Goodnight Make sure you turn off all the lights before sleeping" "Alright mom" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _Attaheerah_ After performing my isha prayers.I laid on my bed reading an interesting novel *BEHIND OUR LOVE* ...when suddenly I heard my phone ringing. My heart beats when I saw the line Calling me. "Nifa banason takura,ynxu sai yakira mutum ya barshi da tunani"😏 I answered the call making my salam.We talked just for five minutes...duk na kosa ya hanging call in coz I am not feeling comfortable.after mungama,nazama somehow thinking of him.His face keep reflecting on my mind. "Gosh what's wrong with me,why am I even thinking of him ( hey girl you don start falling for him). Tunaninshi bai bar mind Ina ba har bacci yayi awon gaba dani. *ERMM....READERS NI WAI WHERE IS YASEER🤔??HELP ME KNOW HIS WHERE ABOUT SO THAT INJE IN DAUKO MUKU REPORT😅* ________________________________________ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter101* Yaseer's POV Awwn we will be together with my fatee tommorow gisting,laughing and lots more.I can wait to see this moment.Don't worry dear,it been long koh.Nasan you will be very annoyed with me.kiyi hakuri dear it ain't my fault. I kept murmuring and staring on her beautiful picture when suddenly I dozed off. I woke up early in the morning,took my bath and ate my breakfast.I then rushed to my car and made my way to Maiduguri. 12hours journey took me to Maid.Alhamdulilah I arrived safely around 6pm.I made my way to OLD GRA .I honked where the gate man came to me saying "lafiya dai Dan samari" "Laa Baba,don't tell me baka gane ni ba..its yaseer fah" "A,aah yaseeru! Welcome.Xuwa ba tsammani haka?? Lallai kam. "Lemme make the gate accessible so that you can get in" I knocked the door twice before umma came.she felt surprise coz from the look she gave me,she didn't expect me by this time. I smiled saying "Umma Good evening" "Evening yaseer,is this really you" "Yes umma" "Maraba...kashigo,lallai kasha hanya kam" I met alhaji in the sitting room.we exchanged greetings telling me inje in huta coz kaman yasani am very tired. My room was not that dusty, kuma duk nasan aikin sweet sister na ne.I took my shower and changed my clothes.I then made my prayers together with my nafls. As I was trying to lay on the bed.I heard a knock in the door.It was umma,I collected the stuffs she came along with and thanked was abinci..I ate until I was satisfied "Where is attaheerah,batasan da xuwana bane.Will she be sleeping by this time.Ermm MAYBE. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° I woke up a little bit late coz of gajiyan da na kwaso.I made my prayers and headed to the sitting room.I concentrated in watching morning news which is been aired. Attaheerah came out from her room,making her way to the kitchen.I guess she didn't notice my presence. Ya rabb!wannan ita neh...masha Allah. "Hey sister,is all I can say" Yayah yaseer......😳 She started squeezing her eyes saying... "anya ba mafarki nakeyi ba" I came towards her an tap her hands saying "silly girl its me..I came late last night... Kina baccin ki how will you even notice zuwana" "She rushed and hugged me excitedly" "Hey sakeni joor...Haram" She chuckles saying "afuwan big bro" "Yayana Ashe baka manta damu ba" "Haba my sis,na isa..hope bakuyi fushi dani ba?? "Munyi fact munyi fushi sosai ma..yaya is now getting to three years fah rabuwanmu" "Am gashi yanxu am fact am here forever you won't miss me anymore" "Laa really yaya" "Yes my sister...guess what! "Ermm Just tell me kawai, you konw am not good at guessing" "My sister next week xan fara Fita aiki" "Seriously yayana....Wow alhamdulillah,wishing you the very best. "Thanks Bea, what about yours...yasu exams inki" "Alhamdulillah yaya....Nayi passing everything" "Wow..really my sister...Am proud of you.Nasan xakiyi making,weldone my dear wishing you Allah's khair in all your future endeavours. "Amin amin,thanks big brother" Laa bari inyi sauri in hada breakfast.. Its even getting late" "Opps,muje in tayaki muyi da wuri koh" "Alright bro" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° _3weeks later_ Attaheerah's POV I made up my mind to visit adda meenal today.I was driving and the same time listening to my favourite artist song *Maher zain*. Awwn my charming prince,I finally realize that I have fallen for you.Few weeks da Muke tare munshaku sosai.what attracted me most to you is,your kind of kindhearted person & jovial. Gashi kuma baka rabuwa da fada min sweet words🙈.yaya mustyna i love you sosai in sha Allah i will be yours forever. I stayed for almost three hours at meenals house before coming back home. I met my parent suna hiran yadda my wedding will take place.I greeted them,while trying to proceed to my room i heard my mum telling me to sit down coz abba yana so yamin magana. "My auta hope kun daidaita da mustapha" he questioned. I shyly raised my brows without uttering a word. "Masha Allah..xa ki iya tafiya" I stood up i rushed to my room feeling shy. "Alhamdulillah daman thats what am praying for.May Allah my it easy for us" said Abba" My mum answered him saying "Amin Alhaji" _some hours later_ Yaseer made his salam and entered.He greeted attaheerah's parent and squatted beside Abba. "Yaseer kaman kazo da magana a bakinka" " yes Abba daman a wajen aikin mu ne aka bani gida shine nakeson fada maka" "Masha Allah,wani unguwa kenan" "Chan New GRA" "Yayi kyau wallahi...Saura aure koh?? He shyly smiled without responding. "Nikam yaseer..are you even aware that your sister is getting married" "Laa Abba which of my sister..Amneh koh rashida" "A,a your sister attaheerah mana" "What!!! Atta...hee...rah kuma?? ________________________________________ _Dedicated to my kawalliyah Attaheerah_ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter102* "Yes yaseer,In sha Allah next month ne ma auren" He quickly stood up and headed to his room feeling disappointed. "Damn no!!hakan baxai taba faruwa ba...attaheerah your mine alone.We are meant for each other.How comes kika fara soyyayya am not aware.No!! Tears started flowing in his eyes. "I can't take it,i won't stay here anymore. "Mey sa kayi interfering a life in mu,Hmm you must pay for it.Dan aurenka da attaheerah baxai taba yu'uwa ba.Xanje any limit to see that attaheerah is mine..Mr man ko kai wayene you didn't have the guts to tear us apart.she's mine and am hers" He then packed his clothes,took his luggages and drove out. "Alhaji whats wrong with this boy,He just drove out without informing us..gashi kuma har da kayayyakinsa" said Hajiya kalthum "Hajiya nima thats what am thinking of..maybe he would be going to his new house" "Laa daddy yaya yaseer yasamu gida neh"said attaheerah who was sitted beside them. "Yes auta,He told me just of recent" "Wow am happy for him... Hajiya kalthum cut her off saying "Toh Allah yasa hakan ne" "Ameen,Ameen" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Attaheerah's POV Its now getting to some weeks bansa yaya yaseer a ido na ba.I tried calling him several times amma bana samunsa.Gashi remaining just two weeks for my wedding.I felt worried... "Yaya yaseer this is the third time baka fada min your departure in xaka tafi.This time around koh kazo xanyi maka fushi sosai" Just then my phone buzzed.I smiled and picked up saying... "My charming prince good morning" "Morning dear how have you been",said Mustapha in a low tune "Alhamdulillah dear,what's wrong with you..naga duk muryanka is low" "My dear since morning am feeling somehow.Xuciyana sai bugawa yakeyi i don't know why" Ni na kosa ma ayi bikinnan in samu peace of mind.Sai inaga kaman something bad might happen" "Subahanallah...why saying such dear.In sha Allah nothing bad will happen.In two weeks time am yours forever.Keep praying for the best.Ba abinda xai faru by God's will" "Alright dear..take care of your self for me,anjima xandawo inga beautiful face inki" "Awwn can wait to see yours too,Bye love you" _Few minutes later_ Mustapha's relative arrived.They include his parent sisters that is,both from maternal and perternal side.Daman already sunyi fixing date akan they will be having brief meeting with some of her dads female relatives today.They would be discussing on how her wedding nalle (Henna) will be. *Nalle here in kanuri Culture during wedding ceremonies means both the groom/bride few relatives (mostly sisters from both parent I.e bride and groom) will have agreement first,then the groom family known as kususu will be bringing some food stuffs with some bags of henna and the bride family known as Baa'wa will give them some certain amount of money as gift in return.It is usually brought either on Tuesdays or Thursdays on that very week fixed as wedding date* I wanted to collect my bangles and earnings from my mom,but am feeling shy.I have no other option than to wait har sai sun tafi. Ammie my sister yelled at my name."mtwss ita kuma da katon cikintan nan,sai rigima ta iya.mey xatayi min kuma. She banged my door telling me to bring her the clothes she kept in my wardrobe.I picked it up sai kuma I heard my phone ringing. "I answered it making my salam" "Hey amarya...abokin husbyn ki neh,he asked me to bring some stuffs for you.Am in the next Line beside your area.Bangane kwatancen da yayi min ba.Hurry up and come please am in haste xakiga wani black tinted car" Before I could say a word he hanged up.I put on my hijab and went out.I gave ammie her clothes telling her that she should inform mummy "Abokin musty Yana kirana" The area was so quite.I saw the car he described.nayi Sauri na iso making my salam.A huge man with black suits came out from the heart beats Dana Ganshi ma.Anya wannan abokin mustyna neh.Before I could know he covers my nose with a white yard.I became unconscious and gently fell down. *Huhh what's really trying to happen😳!! I guess the answer will be in the next chapter.Just shine your eyes and stay tuned😉* _______________________________________ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter103* _Three hours later_ Attaheerah! Attaheerah!! Attaheerah!!! Yelled Hajiya kalthum.Tun yaushe nake Neman ki.Ina kika shiga neh she enquired. q "Amiee replied saying "Daman tafada min she said I should inform you that taje karban sako from mustapha's friend" "Mtwss Karban sako neh haryanxu bata iso ba,since when tafita" "Nima dai abinda nagani mummy coz gaskiya ta jima da fita...I think maybe ta wuce wani wuri" "Ok,in ta iso,tell her to meet me" "Alright mummy" _After magrib prayer_ Hajiya kalthum became very worried.she tried calling attaheerah's line several times amma baya shiga.Ta aiki mallam Audu to check her a gidan friends inta still no labari.She later on called Alhaji telling him whats going on.He replied telling her that he is on his way coming home,bari ya iso. Just then a boy came in telling them that someone outside named Mustapha sends him to call Fatima. Hajiya khalthum felt very worried. " kace mishi ya iso I want to see him" Mustapha yashigo saying his salam. "My son hope inmu dukka maybe kuna tare fah.Attaheerah left home since morning informing ammie that wai ka aiko abokin ka to bring sako for her" "Mummy ni kuma,Wallahi I haven't sent anyone..daman nace mata I would be coming.Nayi ta kiran wayanta but not recheable.. Shine na zo induba koh lafiya" Hajiya kalthum started sobbing saying "Hasbunallahu was ni'emal wakeel,mey ke shirin faruwa.Then where is she da har yanxu baxata koma gida ba" Mustapha also couldn't control himself too,idonsa ya koma red.He became confused saying "No mummy karkiya concluding in sha Allah ba abin da kike tunani bane" "Yana ganku haka,what's happening...said alhaji Wanda shigan shi kenan,but nobody couldn't notice" "Abba attaheerah is missing,We couldn't find her"said ammie who was also sobbing "Mtwss mey kuke nufi,yanxu har kunyi concluding she's missing.let's wait a little bit maybe she's even on her way coming home" "Haba Alhaji attaheerah ta taba fita bata iso gida ba by this time" "Hmm, toh you should all stop crying. We should wait har gari ya waye before mu dauki mataki" Mustapha rushed out with tears filled in his eyes saying "fatee na nasan you won't be missing. No!! Ashe shiyasa since morning am not my self" Allah yasa nothing silly should happen to you" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Attaheerah Subhanallah,Am seriously feeling headache..mummy kiban magani insha. I opened my eyes and stood up saying mummy ina kike.I keep staring on the room sai kuma naga everything is different from my room. Suddenly sai na tuna what happened to me lately.fear drifted in my heart.Ya ilahi mey ke shirin faruwa .I then bursted into tears praying deep in my heart. Just then that very man Wanda ya mayar dani unconscious came in smiling. "Fine girl kintashi neh,karkiji tsoro ni ba Dan yankan kai bane,don't just worry your safe. Here is your food make sure kinchi" I yelled at him saying "Hey you Mey make nufi ,what's your aim of bringing me here. "Don't worry fine girl,xakisan komai if my boss arrives in three days time,yanxu just eat nasan your very hungry" "Mallam kaga just take me back home.Bazanci ba,please kaji.My parent will be very worried by now" He smiled again saying "karki min taurin kai,just obey what I said coz is part of my work" "Kai bakada imani neh,how could you be so heartless.To kidnap me shine kake kira aiki" "Yes aikineh mana,since dashi nake living and provide my family with their needs" "Haba Mr man,kaji tsoron Allah this is not the right way of getting money.Since Kanada family for instance yanzu if the same thing happens to your son or daughter how would you feel?? "Fine girl kina wuce limit Inda ba'akai ki ba.I would take my leave make sure you eat up this food, don't try sleeping with yunwa kinji.Nabarki lafiya" I quickly stood up trying to follow him amma before I could know he banged the door locking it up. I bursted into tears uttering any du'a that comes to my mind. * * * Mustapha went in and hugged his mom crying. "My boy kuka kuma...what's wrong with you" "Umma my fatee is missing" "What do you mean by Fatima is missing" "Umma since morning ta bar gida up till now ba'a gantaba" "Subhannallah,Ina ta tafi" "Umma nobody knows.... Alhaji zannah cut him off saying laafiya dai,what's going on naganku haka?? "Umma narrated what her son told her" "Hasbunallah,yanxu mustapha wani mataki Alhaji yusouf yadauka" "He said mujira till tomorrow in har batazo ba tukunnan, he would act upon it" "Huhh,Toh Allah yasa she returns back home before then" They both responded saying "Amin ya rabbi" This two families couldn't sleep that very night.Especially mustapha who was crying the whole night .Sai addu'a yakeyi Allah yasa Attaheerah is safe. _The Next day_ In the morning,Mustapha,Alhaji zannah and umma made their way and drove to Alhaji yusouf resident. They met the whole family outside hankalinsu atashe.They quickly asked them about attaheerah. Only Alhaji yusouf could respond.Telling them that haryanxu,ba Wanda yasan her whereabout. "yanxu daman am planning to report it to the police station" Mustapha couldn't resist it anymore.Suddenly he just fell down and collapsed...... *Kuttt 😳Tashin sense upon Tashin sense!!!* ________________________________________ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter104* Subhanallah they all said.Musty's Mom who already started crying rushed and came beside her son saying... "My son mey yasameka,please wake... "Alhaji yusouf cut her off saying yanxu muyi rushing mu kai shi asibiti tukunnan" They all made their way out and drove to UMTH.Fatima zarewa and two other nurses provided an assistant by quickly taking him to emergency unit. _Some minutes later_ "Alhaji why not muyi reporting Batan yarinyar nan kafin time yakure mana" said Musty's dad. "What of this boys condition haka xamu bari mutafi" he replied "Since anyi admitting inshi,ai su Hajiya zasuyi taking care of him before mudawo" "Toh shikenan,mutafi" They informed their wives and made their way out. * * * _Bayan two days_ Mustapha was still in a state of coma.The doctors inform them that heart inshi yakara bugawa.Su Kansu they are not sure of koh zai tashi.In four days time if he didn't revive saide koh ayi forwarding inshi to another hospital. All security agencies were been informed about Attaheera's lost including TV & RADIO stations amma shiru ba labarinta.Hajiya khalthum and musty's mom sunyi kuka har sun gode wa Allah gwamma su alhaji they took heart and tried consoling their wives.At last they all continued praying for the best. Likewise Attaheera she has nothing doing other than to cry.Duk tazama wani iri dukda mutamin dayayi kidnapping inta always takes very good of her. she always thinks of how to escape amma no means of. Yanxu hakama tagama sallah kenan when that same man knocked and entered. He smiled and sat beside her saying... "Fine girl Good afternoon...ya zaman kadaici" She gave him a horrible look without uttering a word" "Fine girl magana nake miki, amma kinyi shiru. In fact yau naxo ne ma muyi hira" "Mr malevolent(the name she addresses him with) Ina rokonka if ba fitar dani anan kazo yi ba, you should please get out of my sight" "Haba fine girl Dan munyi hira laifi neh.Any way I will be going as you wish amma please my boss will be coming tomorrow. Make sure you should look very attractive. I mean kidanyi kwalliya and put a nice cloth.So that boss my should praise me and increase my money kinji,Nabarki lfy" She hissed and started crying bitterly without responding him. _The Next day_ Attaheerah was sleeping duk a takure take when suddenly someone came in and sat beside her.He keep staring on her face admiring her. Just then she deeply exhaled and open her eyes.four eyes sukayi da mutumin.she quickly stood up feeling surprise... Yayah!!!Huhh alhamdulillah... My brother nasan you will be there for me whenever ina cikin matsala .yaya hope your not injured...katashi mu gudu kafin suxo su same mu. Bai tanka mata ba sai kallonta yakeyi. Already she's sobbing "yaya talk to me please..yayah....katashi mugudu mana,kanaso suxo su same mu neh. "Dallah chan kiyi wa mutane shiru "he said in a loud voice.How could you be so dump haka.Hahah kina tunanin koh naxo rescuing inki neh.Think twice missattaheetah coz your mistaken.... She bursted into tears saying "yaya yaseer what do you mean" "Abin da kike tunani is exactly the answer" "Yaya what have I done to deserve this,remember sister ka fa kasa akayi kidnapping..." "Yeah attaheerah i know, banda wani means inda zan cimma burina sai through this...kuma duk ke kika jawo" "Yaya kachireni a duhu,duk abin da namaka bai ci ache ka Raba ni da parents ina ba" Yaya please tell me mey namaka. "Attaheera I love you,kuma sonkin ne yajawo haka" "W-h-a-t" "Yeah,I so much love you,bazan iya rayuwa babu ke ba.I need you in my life.why are you trying to marry someone else apart from me.Don't try to pretend likewise you too nasan kina sona...meysa xaki bata farincikinmu,why Attaheera! Tell me please why!! This time around attaheerah couldn't withstand maganganun shi,she just knelt down and started crying in a loud voice. "Yaya meysa kake fadan maganganun da mind ina bazai dauka ba.Yaya i use to show you brotherly love,not the kind of affection your thinking about.please yaya yaseer karkayi changing from the real yaya yaseer I know plea... Bata ma karasar ba he stopped her. "Karya kikeyi,kina sona Attaheera kiji tausayina mana,yakike so inyi.I can't sleep,I can't concentrate on my work,I can't do anything duk Dan ke.Since lokacin da Abba yafada min xakiyi aure narabu da farincikina.why won't you have pity on me. "Yaya yaseer,kayi hakuri my heart is meant for yaya Mustapha,brotherly love nakemaka.I promise you zantaya ka addu'a har kasamu wacce tafini.In fact yaya ba so kake min ba, since bakason abinda nake so. Yanxu mubar wannan maganan,just take me back home.My parent would be very worried by now.I promise I won't inform anyone kai kayi kidnapping ina.I would just say you rescue me kaji,please yaya. "Hmmm,is too late my sister.In kinga kinkoma gida toh we are married.By then kuma nashirya inyi facing anything that will come up.Infact yanxu da nake miki magana ma already nayi arranging everything.You will be mine forever today,ba Wanda ya Isa ya kwace min me,just get prepared. "What,are you crazy.Banasonka! Banasonka!! Dole ne.Wallahi tallahi kaji na rantse if you try doing such narantse maka you will regret your actions" Attaheera said in a loud voice. "Attaheera bakyasona fa kikace" shaking her. Answer me bakyasona koh.Shikenan dont worry I will be going.Today will be my last contact with you.Infact not even only you kowa ma.You would never see me again...Zan kashe kaina cause baxanyi witnessing auren ki da wani ba.Amma kisani in namutu a sanadiyan ki ne. Before she could know he bring out a small pistol from his pocket and shot it......TAUUU ____________________________ _In dedication to my besty Attaheera_ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter:105* Ataheerah screamed saying... "Nooo yaya,wake up please... Am just kidding,wallahi I love you,ina sonka sosai,na isa ince banasonka,katashi please.... she keeps shaking yaseer who was lying on the floor lifelessly.Just then that very man who kidnapped her entered the room .He couldnt even notice yaseer.He yelled at her saying.. "What's wrong with you,duk kincika wa mutane kunne da ihu" "Can't you see him,zai mutu......lets rush him to the hospital please" He felt shocked cox bai taba tsammanin ganin boss inshi in this condition ba.He lifted him up where Attaheerah assisted him and they drove out together. Isan su asibiti kenan shima he was quickly taken straight to emergency unit. Mr malevolent dumped them and made his way out daman already boss inshi has payed him. Hajiya kalthum and musty's mom where beside the entrance door performing ablution when suddenly attaheerah walked in crying bitterly.None of them could notice each others existance.(Nikuwa nace what a coincidence🤔) "Hajiya my heart beats fast,I don't know why amma ina ji ajikina its like attaheerah takusa xuwa gida" said attaheera's Mom. "Eyyah...that's all our wish,Allah yasa" "Allahumma Ameen How could people be so heartless haka,su sace maka child inka su bar kada bakinciki.Hmm Tsorona daya Allah yasa kar ayi ruining life in auta na. She said sobbing. Musty's Mom patted her saying "Stop crying Hajiya kalthum In sha Allah nothing will happen to her.Allah xai ansa addu"oin mu.Let's just continue praying. After sun idar da prayers insu,meenal and ammie arrived coming along with basket cike da abinci.They greeted them asking them of ya mey jiki. Musty's mom answered them saying.. "Alhamdulillah,kude bakwa gajiya da hidima,dukda kuma kuna cikin tashin hankali.May almighty Allah reward you.Hajiya kunyi mana hidima iya kokarinku Allah yasaka muku da alheri.Its high time yanxu ace kunkoma gida.The pressure will be too much for you" "Hmm Hajiya kenan,ai yanxu munxama daya,we are now one family.Maganan komawa gida did not even arise Fatan mu dai Allah ya ba danki lfy,ya kuma bayyanar da daughter na" "Amin ya rabbi is all what they could say" "Mummy is yaseer really in this town.its been long I didn't set my eyes on him.yananan kuwa" meenal enquired. "My daughter likewise me too.Ai yaseer yabani mamaki.Daga fada wa dad inku anbashi gida from where he works,he just packed all his belongings and left ko sallama babu.Since then bansake ganinshi ba.I don't know exactly where he is haryanxu" Ammie chipped in saying "lallai yaseer,rashin mutuncin nashi is over.Allah ya shirya" * * * _some minutes later_ Yaseer was taken to the operation room coz doctor kalthumArdo assured them that,she will in sha Allah make her possible best to see that he recovers dan haryanxu da sauran numfashinsa. Attaheerah sat down beside the operation room sobbing.She keeps thinking of her brothers condition and a way to contact her parent. After an hour,the doctor came out from the room.Attaheerah rushed to her asking her of yaseer's condition.She smiled telling attaheerah to come over to her office. "My sister I guess the patient is your brother koh?? "Yes doctor" "Good, how comes bullet ya harbe shi kuma ke kadai kika kawoshi asibiti.Aren't you having parents?? "Doctor its a long story.We do have parents amma they are not aware of it.hope yayana bai mutu ba koh" "Calm down my sister,brother ki bai mutu ba,he would be fine bi'iznillah.Yanxu haka ma xa ana shirin kaishi ward " "Alhamdulillah..... Dr kalthum cut her off saying " Yanxu What matters is,you should quickly inform your parents coz kinyi kankanta dayawa.I dont know how I will start explaining it to you" Alright doctor, amma please If you won't mind help me with your phone so that inkira su" "Ok..Go ahead and pick it gashi chan on that desk" Attaheerah quickly picked up the phone thanking her.She then dialed her moms line...... Dunn Dunn Dunn (phone rings) "Assalamu alaikum" said her mom in a low tune. "Wa'alaikum salam mummy its your daughter attaheerah speaking"she replied with tears filled up in her eyes. "M-y A-u-t-a, dagaske kece...Alhmamdulilah,where are you?? How have you been?? Answer me Ina kike?? Hope basuyi miki komai ba" "Mummy am fine kuyi rushing kuxo UMTH,yaya yaseer is in critical condition. She replied Again crying" "Yaya yaseer kuma" "Yes mummy" "Where are you exactly coz already muna asibitin ma" "Mummy kuxo operation and surgical unit" "Alright dear,calm down yanxu xamu iso" "Alhaji attaheerah has been found" said Hajiya kalthum who was smiling with tears flowing down on her cheeks" "What do you mean😳 Hajiya,kina nufin ansamo auta" "Yes alhaji,yanxu let's rush to O&S unit,she's there" "OK mutafi" * * * "My auta stop crying and tell me all what happened,how comes kuka hadu da yaseer har akayi shooting inshi" She cleared up her tears and narrated everything to her parent. "Innalillahi wa inna ilayhir raji'un"is all what they could utter. "How could yaseer be so stupid like this.Angaya mishi SO haukane.Xai farfado ai let's see how he will marry you,in yaso yakara shooting kansa...jahili kawai mtwss" said Hajiya kalthum "Hajiya duk yaranta neh...nowadays children sai hankali. Yanxu what matters is, may he revive" "Hmm,Amin...Allah shi kyauta" Alhaji yusouf made his way to the doctor office where doctor kalthum inform him that bullet in baiyi mishi rauni sosai ba,it just shooted his left arm,So also anyi mishi blood tranfusion.Yanxu all what he will do is just for him to pay all the necessary bills. He then later on informed alhaji zannah about Attaheera.he felt astonished,telling him that yanxu xasu iso where they are. Musty's mum felt very exited hugging her daughter in law. Sun yi mamaki mutuka on hearing who kidnapped her and how everything happened. "Hmm duniya kenan,yaran yanxu basuda hankali Sam.wannan ma he is her blood brother,if its someone else fa??said Hajiya kalthum. "Allah dai ya shiryar mana dasu" musty's mom replied. Dr kalthum informed them that already ankai yaseer ward.By tomorrow in sha zai farfado.They all thank her and made their way to the room. Attaheera keeps thinking of her charming prince.where would he be by now?? Wani irin hali yashiga when he hears that am missing??? Sorry my prince.yau gani nadawo.I miss you so much. Her mom cut her thought off saying...... My auta kibi abbanki yayi dropping inki a gidan addameenal.I will stay here with your brother.kiga eyes inki full of stress,kije kihuta then you should come back tomorrow kinji daughter na. "No mummy I will stay with you" "Umm umm my auta ba musu a tsakanin mu,just go kinji...nasan kinyi missing ina,I too missed you a lot but health inki matters kinji" "Alright mummy,shikenan I will be going" "Yauwa my auta" Her dad took her to where meenal resides and drove back home telling her to take care.Her sisters where very excited.Daman already Hajiya kalthum tayi informing insu. Abakin sisters inta taji mustapha's condition.she cried and cried praying the whole night for this two important beings in her life,wishing them an eyeblink recovery..... ```RukeeyMama``` ________________________________________ [10/16, 1:16 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter106* Attaheerah's POV I woke up early in the morning and prepared breakfast.After eating the meal,we then drove to the hospital together with my sisters. After our encounter with my parents,I laid on my mums lap thinking of this two souls. "Mummy when will both of them recover " I asked "Auta don't bother your self,In sha Allah yau zasu farka,just keep praying" "Alright,amma mummy xan iya Shiga in dubasu" "Actually I don't know,amma kiyi trying" I stood up and walk in to yaseer's room.I stared on his face with tears filled up in my eyes. "Sorry my brother duk ni na saka to this condition...Am so sorry Allah yabaka lafiya" From there I then moved to musty's room I greeted his parents who composed themselves beside the entrance door.we also exchanged greetings with his sisters. "My daughter ki shiga ki duba shi mana dukda dai he is unconscious.... Maryam,xo kinshigar da ita...said his Mom. We both stood up and moved in,maryam later on went out leaving me alone with him. He was lying helplessly..I sat beside him looking at his face fixedly. "Eyyah my dear,wake up please am here...katshi kajiko.Ba Wanda ya Isa ya raba mu,In sha Allah we will be together har karshen life inmu... What cut off my thought is sai nayi noticing his hands are shaking gently and the machine beside him started blinking.Bansan lokacin da na gudu nafita ba.I informed his parents telling them suzo sugani..his dad quickly notified the nurses. Some minutes later..the doctor came out saying...Alhamdulillah Alhaji Xannah your son has now fully rived.Yanxu Yana bacci,make sure immediately in ya farka kubashi something to eat before giving him this medicines. I can't actually say how excited i am,likewise his family too.They thanked the doctor,as they ventured to the room while I made my way to where my family are.They were also excited when I inform them. _2hours later_ Mustapha gently opened his eyes.He tried sitting up but he couldn't coz he feels very weak.Umma quickly came beside him saying "sannu my son, ina yake maka ciwo" "Umma am just feeling dizzy" he replied "Yanxu duk ba wannan ba,just assit him yaci wani Abu and give him this medicines as the doctor said" Alhaji zanna cuts in. Umma tayi assisting inshi yayi brushing teeth inshi,yaci abinci and took his medicines.Minti kadan he frshens up kaman ba shi ba. Alhaji zannah and mustys sisters made their way out saying "xasu wuce gida" Brother Allah ya kara lafiya maryam and Aysha said as they walk out. * * * "Umma yaushe Nazo asibiti,what really happened to me" musty asked "My son is now getting to 4days fa you were unconscious" Suddenly sai kuma everything came over to his mind...he quickly stood up saying "umma don't tell me har yanxu ba'a samo fatee ba" "Calm down my boy,fatee tananan lafiyanta" "Serious mummy?? "Yeah I mean it my boy" "Yauwa daman I know,My fatee will never be missing. Huhh Alhamdulilah,toh mom why not we should return back nagaji with this hospital. "See you,katashi kenan koh.Banason rigima.yaushe ka farka da har xamu koma gida...Oyah ka kwanta" Some minutes later,Attaheerah and her parents entered. "Masha Allah,jiki yayi kyau" said Alhaji yusouf. Attaheerah's Mom smiled saying "yes wlhy,kaga sai yazama kaman ba shi ba... Hajiya he is sleeping koh" "Eh wlhy.. Bissimilla hajiya kuzauna ga seat. "No problem ki barshi kawai. I will return back,yaron nan kar yatashi no one is beside him" Alhaji yusouf cuts in saying "nima dai am in haste,bari intafi" As they were trying to walk out.Umma insisted that attaheerah should please stay with musty,maybe in yafarka he will need something coz she wants buy something in a nearby shop. Hajiya kalthum replied saying mey zaiyi. Attaheera shyly went in and sat beside him.Kamar Mustapha jira yakeyi su tafi,sai kuma he woke up.Attaheera quickly came over to him saying... "Sannu my prince, ina yake maka ciwo?? What do you need?? He smiled saying "common princess nifa na warke.just help me with some water.She then quickly gave him smiling too. "My wife yanaga you have become so thin,koh duk tunanin prince inki neh" musty asked jokinly "Lol,why won't I be so slim when my better half is in a critical condition" "Awwn happy me,like seriousky ashe dai princess Ina ta damu dani Now kiban labari how comes aka samo ki" "Promise me you won't act strange on it,in nafada maka" He chukles saying "I promise you madam" She then narrated everything to him.Mustapha became tensed up... "Mtwss amma dai anyi Mara hankali wallahi.Haba that's why since lokacin da kika bani lbrn shi,I just don't feel comfortable with him Ashe ma he is my rival.Honestly I can't take it...he must pay for it,stupid boy kawai" "Shhsssh my Prince,the promise you made.... Ai yanxu everything is alright since am OK likewise you too.Just thank Allah ?swt) "Its OK dear" "Yauwa my prince shiyasa I love you sosai" Umma came in saying "lover birds,sai Ku danji kunya am already here" Attaheerah rushed out,Dan kunya bata ma San Inda xata sa kanta ba. Musty chuckled saying "Haba umma,muna hiran mu mey dadi kinxo kin kwapsa mana" She replied jokingly saying.... "Toh Mara kunya,would you shut up your mouth koh ixo in maake ka....... * * * Zuwanta dakin yaseer kenan she found him awake taking tea himself.Idonsa yayi red which indicates yayi kuka sosai. She was shocked cox batayi expecting seeing him awake ba.Her mom smiled saying "ki karaso mana,kinwani tsaya like a statue" She came in an sat down lowering her gaze.Her mom stood up an went out leaving them all alone. "My sister,bazaki ce min yajiki bane" She kept mute fixing her eyes on the floor. "Hey magana nake miki fa kin wani share ni Alright lemme come to you since you won't respond me" Tayi mamaki mutuka coz of the sudden change she sees from him.. She cut her thought off saying "Yaya how are you feeling" in a low tone "Aww Ashe you will talk,anyway am feeling better" ATTAHEERAH! I don't know how to start but am very sorry for what happened, kiyi hakuri ki yafeni,duk sharrin shaidan ne da rashin yadda da kaddarah.Nasan am very wrong amma please accept my apology. I promise you Nothing silly will happen again.Ki daukeni as the yaya yaseer you knew before kinji.Am Sorry once again he said with tears across his cheeks. He continued, naroki gaffarar parents inki kuma sun yafe min.Remaining you.please forgive me kinji ( trying to kneel down) "Yayyah"she said with a loud voice "Mey haka yaya, please don't try it...kamanta you haven't fully recovered.please ka tashi Nifa ba abinda kamin,though na yafe maka...yayah you have shown me the love that bazan iya babbance shi da love inda parents ina suka nunamin ba. kayi hakuri I have no other option...I love you from the buttom of my heart amma saide yaya yaseer baxan iya auran ka ba,Am so sorry for hurting your ce ma yakamata in roki gafarar ka..please ka yafe mun..... He smiled saying "I understood you my sister,i have forgiven you daina kuka...komai yawuce In sha Allah" "Sure yaya" "Yes my sister" "Awwn thank you...... ```RukeeyMama``` ________________________________________ _In dedication to sawanyi ATTAHEERAH_ [10/16, 1:17 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Chapter107* _A week later_ Both yaseer and Mustapha have now fully recovered,just suna jira a sallame su. "My sister kitashi muje inga in law na,since shi baxai zo yaga big brothern wife inshi ba" said yaseer who was together with attaheerah chatting. "Lol my brother...are you serious" "Yes very serious,tashi muje" "Alright" Assalamu alaikum they both said as they entered mustys room. Wa'alaikum salam he replied. They all exchanged greetings and accommodate themselves on the seats. "hey wifey,bakon nan fah"...Musty enquired. "Laa my prince don't tell me Baka gane shi ba,its yaya yaseer fah" "Yaseer kuma?? Musty asked again frowning his face. Yaseer chuckled saying "jealousy, jealousy...abeg Tana nufin yaseer your in law not your former rival.😂 MUSTY:"Heheh,wayasan muku,Abu a duhu" "Ni gaskiya Ku daina,your making me feel shy" Attaheera said jokingly. "Haha Toh madam mundaina.. They both addressed her. MUSTY:"wifey,what took you so long today,am just missing you tundazu" YASEER:Ko irin Dan kunyan nan ma babu.mind you,your with your in law. MUSTY:Haha,an so.. ATTAHEERA: huhh,Ku daikam... My prince where is umma I didn't see her. MUSTY:just of recent suka koma gida. Am very tired of this hospital.Gskya i can wait har after magrib tukunnan a sallame mu. YASEER:Hmm my friend baka kaini bafa... ATTAHEERAH: see them,For how long you guys where here??just after magrib in neh baxaku jira ba..Ku bari masu jinyan Ku suyi complain abeg. They almost chatted for an hour tukunnan sukayi mishi sallama and left.Later on after magrib prayer.They where both discharged from the hospital where they all drove back home with full of gajiya. _Two days later_ Attaheerah's POV I was expecting my friends visit today daman sunkirani akan cewa xasuxo later in the evening.I stood up and went to the kitchen to prepare something simple for them.Just then I heard yaya yaseer yelling at my name.I quickly rushed out to meet him. "Hey bro mey yafaru kake kwala min kira haka" "My sister,am feeling starved, kikawo min abinci quickly please" "Yaya nothing left...munci breakfast yakare,yanxu daman I was trying to make something for my friends...bari in dafa muku together,just give me 30min please OK" "Huhh make it fast please" I smiled saying"Alright big yaya" As I said,just 30 minutes took me to prepare garnished spaghetti with egg sauce.Nazuba wa yaya yaseer a plate na kaimishi and sat beside him. "Umm my sister gaskiya musty zai more...irin girki haka" "Kai yaya yaseer,ai kafini iya girki ma" "See her,kema dai fada kike yi kawai.. Don't tell me har su Mummy sun tafi sayan furniture's inkin,naga the house is so quite" "Yeah yaya yaseer,sunbi morning flight" "What of ammie" "She went out for a visit" "OK" Suddenly my friends made their salam and entered.I quickly rushed and hugged them excitedly.They greeted yaya yaseer and made their way to my room. "Attaheerah,kinga friends inki dole kimanta da brother ki" "Haha,not really yaya..your time don finish" "Da kyau,zamu hadu ai...silly girl kawai" They sat down in my bed saying wassh wlhy attaheerah we very tired and hungry kikawo mana wani Abu quickly. "Alright friends,just a minute... Gashi kuci, lemme quickly take shower" "Alright yar albarka" They chatted almost for 2hours kuma mostly akan my wedding. Later on suka tashi akan xasu tafi.I took my hijab and went out to escort them.Already Ashe my sister ammie ta zo,they exchanged greetings with my friends as they were trying to walk out" "Hey didi,yaushe kika xo" I said "How would you know when your with your friends" I replied her teasingly saying"Huhh AntyRigima...daga tambaya,gskya ki rabu da katon cikin nan muhuta " "Lallai this girl,kingama rainani..... Before I would reply her yaseer cut me off saying "Sister, bari muyi lifting friends inta...we will come back in a moment. "Alright yaseer,till kunxo" "Awwn thanks yaya... Bye maman twins till mun iso" I said as we walk out all, laughing at her. Yaya yaseer drove us out taking both of my friends to their homes. "My sister gaskiya kiban daya acikin friends inkin nan" said yaseer as they were coming back home. "Awwn yaya dagaske kake?? "Wallahi am serious sister" "Angama my big bro" "Really sister" "I mean it big bro,karkayi doubting" "Wow....thank you" * * * "Assalamu alaikum my princess" "Wa'alaikum salam my prince,how have you been?? "Just missing you kawai" "Eyyah,same here fah" "Gskya ni next week in nan yayi min nisa fah,kiyi wani Abu" " prince ni mey na'isa inyi... In fact why the hurry,next week its like tommorow....Don't worry by then,no missing missing stuffs" "Awwn,can wait to see that moment.... Bari in barki ki huta,Gnyt Take care" "Alright boo,you too" Dunnn (call hanged) * * * Both the families been kanuri's,the marriage activities starts on Thursday. On that very Thursday,attaheerah's hands and legs were beautifully decorated with nalle(henna). Friday evening was the "wushe-wushe" is a colourful and exciting event that takes a place on the "eve" of the wedding day usually at brides residence.The couple look I exceptional in their attires.Music's where played where anyi rawa an chashe including the couple. Saturday was the D.Day.Around 11am the groom,friends,family and well wishers converged to the brides residence to conduct the wedding fatiha. An imam conducted the rite of the marriage involving offering an acceptance of the brides hand in marriage by her "luwali"(Al-wali) who is her uncle. Her dowry was announced where supplication where offered and finally *MUSTAPHA ZANNAH(MUSTY) AND FATIMA YUSOUF(ATTAHEERAH)* where announced as husband and wife...... *Final chapter will be the next one In Sha Allahu* ```RukeeyMama``` ________________________________________ [10/16, 1:17 PM] ‪+234 703 591 6742‬: *ATTAHEERAH* Author:RukeeyAlibe *Last chapter(108)* Attaheerah was weeping since in the morning,her friends tried comforting her but it couldn't work.Until one of her aunty tazo tayi mata fada tukunnan ta tashi ta shirya.She wore her beautiful kanuri attire known as "Maa'ri" with her "murzam" (necklaces/earings).Her makeup was done by one of her class mate,Miraam.Awwn she looks extremely beautiful.In fact let me just say exceptional. Later in the evening,lugages full of clothes,costumes,shoes,bags,cosmetics e.t.c where brought from the grooms family which is know as the "kususuram".They came along with some of mustys friends in other to go along with the bride to her matrimonial home. Attaheera ina kike said her aunt as she was trying to enter her room. "Na'am aunty ya'ana" attaheerah answered. "Kizo mu shirya ki anzo daukan ki" "W_h_a_t, am not going anywhere" I replied sobbing. "Ahh lallai kam,feroma wanimin kal Ramin kal In sha Allahu fato kwam meyro sai nya yadiyeya ( whether you like it or not you must be taken to your husband's house).so just stop this nonsense,kizo ki wuce mutafi" She rushed and entered the toilet locking herself up .Her sister meenal came to the door saying. "Auta don't mind her come out please she's just joking...mummy neh fa ta ke kiran ki" She wipe up her tears and gently moved out hugging her sister. "Yaa meenal am not going anywhere,am staying with umma,please don't let them take me away.Am no more interested in this marriage kinji" She smiled saying "Alright dear,kizo mutafi wurin mummyn yanxu" She hugged her mum crying... "Mummy ni na pasa auren ma " Her mum smiled and patted her saying "My daughter,every female child that is getting married goes through this.I love your father the very first time he introduced himself to me.But lokacin da aurena yazo I regretted the same way you did.I cried an cried until har zazzabi yakamani. Sure! Leaving your parents to another world is the most hardest thing amma if you try to excersise patience you will enjoy it.later on kuma sai kiga you will love to stay with your husband inkuna son junan Ku sosai.Gashi kuwa musty loves you so much,ko kin manta Dan ke akayi admitting inshi a hospital. My daughter your now a wife And In sha Allah soon you"ll become a mother too.God bear me witness,I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. Your husband is a gentle man but don't take advantage of that.Don't bring out the beast in him.My daughter kinga mark Innan In my hands (showing her).your father gave it to me.He tolerated me every time but on that day,it came unexpectedly. It wasn't his intention but I dared him and he hit me just once. My daughter men hate it when you say "you can't do it" .ko da baza ki iya yin wani Abun ba,just try it yasan kinyi. My daughter whenever their is misunderstanding between you and him.Try sorting it out tsakaninku without involving a third party ko kuma ki kama kafa kizo gida. Now your having two families .your very lucky.Tolerate and appreciate them just as you do here.Don't ever shatter your husbands family.Instead,bring them together. lastly,My daughter inkunsamu misunderstanding tsakanin ki da mijin ki never deny him anything Dan tsinuwan mala'iku ne xasuyi ta binki. Try Sticking to this my little advice kinji,In sha Allahu you will make a happy home". Both ammie and meenal are beside them. Ammie cuts in saying... "Ain't you even grateful your together with Abba and mummy in the same state,ni da nake chan wani duniya amma still Ina zaman aurena.Dallah kiyiwa mutane shiru "waska feroye kawai". (Pampered girl)" "Kitashi a shiryaki my daughter,its getting late" She gently stood up where antyn ta ta shiryata.An kaita wurin dad inta,shima yayi mata nasi'a sosai.She was crying bitterly... Da kyar aka cireta a jikinshi aka kaita mota. Attaheerah was taken to her new home at barracks leaving her along with her aunt coz it's zata xauna mata bakwai. MUSTAPHA Aboki if you won't drive fast,kabani inyi driving please. "Toh Mara kunya,in anki a bayar fa" "Seriously kayi Sauri please,I know my princess is still crying By now" "Hahah,kuka kam dolenta ma ai" We arrived lately,which was around 11pm.I rushed and went out..koh sallama banyi wa babashehu ba. He was laughing telling me "Mara kunya" As I said,I met my princess crying...I tried comforting her with sweet words har tayi shiru ta sake.later on we slept happily and consummated our marriage. _One and half years later_ "Wasshh my prince where are you" " Am here princess,mey yafaru" "Hold me intashi please" "Opps this big belle dey suffer my princess oo,oyah kama hannunna" lifting her up. "Thank you my prince" "In fact mey xakiyi...instead of you kizauna ki huta" "Kamanta inada fixed lectures" "Huhh,wallahi har namanta...yanxu dress up quickly mutafi" "Alright prince..just 5minutes OK" It was a hectic day for me,I couldn't even prepare dinner da muka koma gida,musty ordered us a takeaway from a nearby restaurant.Shi muka ci for dinner.Around 9:00pm just muna shirin yin bacci, i felt a serious ache.I screamed loudly showing musty my back.Been a doctor,he noticed that I was in a labour pain.He quickly stood up assisting me har muka fita, taking me to the car.He picked up All the necessary things that would be needed and drove to the hospital. I spent almost two hours before giving birth.The most interesting part of it shine na Haifi twins( a girl & a boy).Munyi farinciki sosai.Musty informed our family,sunyi mamaki sosai.After some minutes dukka family mu sukazo feeling excited. The next day I was dismissed from the hopital,then muka tattara muka koma gida. After a week,my babies where named after umma(my mum) and Abba (musty's mum) addressing them with akram & Ikram. _5years later_ My life was like lemme say 95% perfect.I completed my university graduating with second class upper.I always thank Allah Swt for blessing me with a caring twins have now gown up har ma with another baby named after musty's mum, addressing her with yasmeen. I was arranging the meal I prepared for lunch on the dinning table when suddenly my Prince came in saying.. "Hey princess,am back home" "Welcome my prince,amma fa ka Dade yau" "Am sorry princess,traffic jam ne yarikeni" "Alright no worries,so muje kayi wanka koh" "No princess,am starved,abinci first" "OK dear" "Where are My angels,the house is so quiet.. Musty asked as he was eating" "Sunfita ziyara with mallam bala while yasmeen is sleeping" "Ziyara kuma??xuwa INA?? "Gidan grannyn su" "Aww,Bari mugama ci sai muje mu daukosu koh" "Alright dear,its been long ma bamu je ba" Before he could reply him,they rushed and came in jumping up and down.They hugged us excitedly. "My angels wa yakawo ku" said musty "Daddy we came together with uncle yaseer &Anty Rukaiya" "Oh really,where are they" he asked Just then they entered .. They exchanged greetings and accommodate themselves on the sofa. "Yaya yaseer,ni nayi maka fushi,its getting to a year aurenka amma sai yau zakayi visiting inmu" "Afuwan my sister, kinsan yanayin aikina" Rukaiya cuts in saying " see this girl,ke kinxo mana neh" "Hey girl,rufe min da yayana nakeyi" I said jokingly They left us after we spent some moment of time. I was laying on my bed thinking of my life with my family... I keep praying deep in my heart saying... "Ya Allah bless them for me,make them something important in life"Ashe ma I was saying it out.My prince hugged me saying "Ameen my princess,kuma Allah ya bar min ke" I smiled and hugged him too saying "Ameen my prince" THE END *Hamdan khatheeran thayyiban mubaraq feeeh.Alhamdulillah.All thanks be to Allah,the most Gracious,most merciful.For he alone who guided me through this Journey of writing.Huhhhh finally am done with ATTAHEERAH.* *Special thanks to those who follow my write up and for those who shared it to their loved ones.May Almighty Allah bless you Abundantly* *Ban manta dake ba,My namesy RukyZM, my better half(a sister from another momma).Askirgina for your Advice.* *Thank you so much every one.I love you all from the bottom of my heart.* *For corrections only 07035916742* *Fee Amanillah(May Allah's protection be with you All)* ❤❤❤❤❤ ________________________________ _In dedication to my sweet friend Attaheerah_ adsense 2 here

Burodin ayaba

Barkanmu da ganin wata mai girma tare da fatan kuna cikin koshin lafiya. A yau na kawo muku yadda ake yin burodin ayaba. Za a iya gwada wa a lokacin yin buda baki ko kuma don yi wa bakin da aka gayyato shan ruwa. Kamar yadda muka yi muku alkawari , za mu cigaba da kawo muku nau’ukan girke-girke daban-daban.

Abubuwan da za a bukata:
• kwai
• Suga
•‘Baking powder’
A samu ayaba biyu a kwabasu da cokali mai yatsu, sannan a zuba fulawa a kwano sannan a zuba ‘baking powder’ da suga da madara sannan a kwaba. Bayan haka, a zuba bata kamar cokali biyu sannan a kwaba sosai. Sannan a fasa kwai biyu da wannan kwababben ayabar a cikin fulawar da aka yi masa hadin suga da sauransu. Sai a gauraya don su kwabu. Sannan sai a dauko na’urar gasa burodi a zuba sannan a saka a gidan gasa burodi. Bayan mintuna arba’in da biyar, sai a cire.
Za’a iya cin wannan hadin burodin da shayi bayan an sha ruwa. Kuma za a iya aika wa makwabta domin su dandana sabon salon burodi. A sha ruwa lafiya.

MAJNOON hausa love novels

Matashin saurayine mai kimanin shekaru 30, gashin kansa duk ya kudun dune, Launin fatarsa ya chanza saboda dattin dake jikinsa rigarsa duk ta yage, Farine amma saboda tsabar datti har farin yafara dishewa, fatar jikinsa dukta jeme saboda zafin rana hakama tufafin dake jikinsa, amma hakan bai hana kyan fuskarsa fita ba, kyankywane duk da cikin sigar hauka yake...... Read more

Mutane uku ne a duniya

1. Wasu kamar guba ne gudunsu akeyi. 2. Wasu kamar magani suke, ba a nemansu sai ta baci. 3. Wasu kuma kamar abinci suke, akullum dole a nemesu. Ya kai dan uwa mai daraja, kayi kokari ka zama cikin wadanda akullum ake nemansu saboda amfaninsu. Allah yasa muna cikin wadanda ake nema akoda yaushe, Albarkar Annabi {S.A.W}

Talla a Gidan novels

Be With Me Technology

Guide Tricks Blog

Litattafan da Muka Kawo Muku


ANNABI (SAW) yana cewa:

Idan lokacin (Kiyaamah) yakusa, ayyukan (Alkhairi) zasuyi karanci, ROWA zata YAWAITA, FITINTINU zasu YAWAITA, haka kuma Alharju zai YAWAITA. Sai sahabbai (RA) sukace Menene Alharju? Sai Annabi (SAW) yace: Kashe-kashe. (Bukhari ya ruwaito a 6552). Ya Allah ka Kare mana IMANINMU, ka kubutar damu daga fitintinun zamani.
Kasa mucika da imani.

Kada ka rama cuta ga wanda ya cuceka!

kar kayi wani abu mummuna don ka cutama wani, amma idan wani ya munana maka kai kayi hakuri zaka samu abu biyu sakamakon hakan *na farko zaka samu ladan hakuri a wurin Allah. *Sannan zaka samu kwarjini a wurin wanda ya cuta ta maka.



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